Minister Kasapoğlu: We now have essential objectives in changing into a sports activities nation - Turkish Super League

Minister Kasapoğlu: We now have essential objectives in changing into a sports activities nation

Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu attended the “Youth and Sports Workshop” organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Gaziantep Governorship, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Union of Municipalities of Turkey at a hotel in the city.

Minister Kasapoğlu said that Turkey has made serious progress in the field of sports in recent years and is taking firm steps in this direction. Explaining that Turkey started to be known for sports, Kasapoğlu said:

“We have really important goals and achievements in being a sports country. This bar needs to be raised higher. To be a sports country, it is a very meaningful mission to spread sports to the base. At this point, we need to take a distance. Let us perceive this as a situation determination, if you want it as a goal, but sports. We need to strengthen this cooperation in order to spread it to the base. “

“People from all walks of life should be encouraged to do sports”

Youth and Sports Minister Kasapoğlu emphasized that people from all walks of life in Turkey should be encouraged to do sports.

“We need to encourage everyone to do sports with women, men, young people, old people. Therefore, we need to constantly update our models. In recent years, we have created new models. With our institutions, local cooperation. But we will not be content with them. In this sense, this workshop is very important. Young-friendly, sports-friendly. The understanding of the city Sports is first of all a physical health element. We know that people who do sports get sick less. It feels good in a spiritual sense. People who do sports become more peaceful. Sports is a social health element. The more we popularize sports, our people have access to our facilities without any discrimination. We believe that the more successful we are, we will build a healthier society both physically and socially. “

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“Our establishment in 81 provinces is unique and unique in the world”

Explaining that one of the important elements for sports is establishment, Kasapoğlu said:

“We have an excellent infrastructure in 81 provinces, districts, up to our villages. Believe us, our establishment in 81 provinces is unique in the world. We realized a revolution in such a short time, 19 years. The increase in the pool, that is, success in sports. Because as long as we do not fully spread sports, it is difficult for us to establish a sustainable success in sports. “


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